2021 - A Year in Review

We've done some amazing things over the past 12 months. Take a look at what we've accomplished over the last year.

Growth in Client Base

Active Learners

Data Collection

  • Delete and edit past collected data.
  • See when targets have mastered or moved from Baseline to Train/Teach within the learner timeline.
  • Cumulative progress charts allow you to see how many targets have been mastered over time.
  • Event lines are added to graphs and learner timelines.
  • $variables are added to the program builder to help create custom program content.
  • Detailed learner information (diet restrictions, allergies, important notes) can be viewed by staff within a session.
  • Opportunity scores are available in the learner timeline and under target graphs.
  • Duration targets have the ability to be assigned “zero occurrences” or “Not tracked.”
  • Setting a “dosage” amount for each program allows technicians to see exactly how frequent a program should be run.
  • Detailed target performance and data averages are added to every target chart.
  • Deleting and merging phase lines cleans up your graphs.
  • See intro and mastery dates easily on every target card.
  • Interval data tracking: The best system to track interval data in ABA.
  • Mastery/Transition across n people allows you to dictate mastery only after the learner performs the skill across multiple people.
  • A maintain phase was added so you can set concurrency rules that work for you.

Session Notes

  • Session note templates with customized fields that include sections for narrative text, checkboxes, radio buttons and imported data.
  • Pre-populated and session data dynamically summarized in your session note.
  • Session notes save within the learner's timeline.
  • Required fields added to session notes.
  • Customizable session note approval process.
  • Export all session times in a report for all learners.
  • Custom form fields can be exported and downloaded.
  • Pending Notes: A module for notes needing attention was added to create better workflows when approving session notes.

Training & Management

  • Motivity program builder online training courses were created on Thinkific to allow staff to learn how to build programs at their own pace and on their own schedule.
  • Expected session end times were added so if you forget to end the session, that time will be used automatically.
  • Updated export includes session times for all learners, as well as duration times.
  • Help icons were added in the program builder to access descriptions and tips right there within the system.
  • Archiving learners was added to clean up your learner list after certain learners leave your organization or become inactive.
  • Custom Learner Groups: Your organization is now much more organized by grouping learners.

Thank You!

We are building something great for 2022 and it will be an amazing journey for us all.
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