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The charts are an absolute hit with our counselors! It is intuitive and easy to follow. I was on a parent phone call this evening and was able to pull up a visualization of the child's data during the conversation. I can't thank you and your team enough!

Dr. Ben Aaronson, Director at Apex Summer Program

Motivity has been beneficial to our company in many ways.  It allows BCBAs to arrange extremely individualized programming that includes specific targets, prompting and mastery criteria.  This ability to individualize programming enables BCBAs to provide the specific set-up in which learning should occur for each client."

Jeff Schram, MS, BCBA,  Achieve Ability Therapy

Motivity saves me a substantial amount of time every week. I used to use create pen and paper data sheets weekly and now I can just add prewritten goals into a client programming in about a quarter of the time!”

Rebecca Donnelly, MS. BCAB, Achieve Ability Therapy

The ease of data collection is a huge factor.  Additionally, the amount of programmatic information that is at the BT's fingertips is key.

Kimberly Hull, MS, CCC/SLP, BCBA, President of Achieve Ability Therapy

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Finding a data collection provider that matches our needs

They searched for years to find a data collection system that made sense for them. 

    Achieve Ability Therapy was looking for a data collection system that could meet their unique needs. They were using a practice management system that had data collection features but were not satisfied with the flexibility and usability of the clinical side of the platform. They searched for years to find a data collection system that made sense for them. They had tried nearly every platform available on the commercial market and even looked into hiring someone to create a custom platform for their needs.... Read More

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Operational Efficiency and Clinical Excellence

After five weeks of use, over 70,000 behaviors were recorded. A conservative analysis found that Motivity saved us over 1500 person-hours in the 5 weeks. That’s over $20,000 in labor costs!

    For the last several years, the University of Washington Autism Center (UWAC) Apex therapeutic summer day camp, has used Motivity’s prototype digital data collection system in their 5-week summer program. The Summer Treatment Program utilizes a naturalistic day camp environment and structured recreational activities to teach behavioral and social skills to individuals with special needs.  Read More

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Frontline Friendly: Creating the most user-friendly system for frontline staff

As part of our NIH grant, we conducted a Field Test of Motivity to evaluate the feasibility of the system with behavior techs

    One of the top stressors in the workplace is adopting new technology. Anyone who has had to learn new technology at the same time as performing their job will know, it’s not a morale booster. The autism services field has already enough stressors that come with the nature of the work, that service teams don’t need any added stress with adopting confusing, time-consuming technology. Read More