The data collection system that moves you forward

The most versatile and flexible system.
Make your conceptualizations a reality.

Collect data your way

Motivity's groundbreaking Program Builder lets you quickly and easily design your own user interfaces for behavior and skill acquisition data. You're in control of teaching instructions, data inputs, and mastery criteria.

It allows BCBAs to arrange extremely individualized programming that includes specific targets, prompting and mastery criteria.  This ability to individualize programming enables BCBAs to provide the specific set-up in which learning should occur for each client.  ”--- Rebecca Donnelly, BCBA

Immediate Insight

Live Charts display data as it is collected, instantly. Be alerted to progress or problems as they occur. Adjust curriculums and protocols without delay, improving your effectiveness.

“The charts are an absolute hit with our counselors! We had our ABA consultant out this morning reviewing data visually on an iPad as she tracked goals and progress. It was intuitive and easy to follow. I was on a parent phone call this evening and was able to pull up a visualization of the child's data during the conversation. I can't thank you and your team enough!”--- Dr. Ben Aaronson, Apex Summer Camp

Intuitive Design

Concise, responsive, and easy to learn. Motivity was designed by user interface experts in collaboration with forward-thinking BCBAs around the country.

  • Runs just as well on a phone as a tablet (one-handed use)
  • No “wasted space” - designed to let users be as productive as possible
  • Pin Targets
  • Different View Modes
  • In-Session progress indicators (chits)
  • Filter targets by tag
  • Access past data instantly