Motivity Appoints Brian Curley & Emaley McCulloch as Leaders

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Seattle, Washington - September 29, 2023 – Reflecting its unwavering commitment to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, Motivity, a leader in electronic data collection, proudly announces significant leadership appointments. Brian Curley ascends to the position of Chief Creative Officer, and Emaley McCulloch, previously serving as VP of Clinical Product for three years, has been promoted to Chief Clinical Officer.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a pivotal, evidence-based intervention for autism, focusing on understanding and positively influencing behavioral patterns. Through ABA therapy, individuals with autism see marked improvements in communication, social interactions, and various essential skills.

Brian Curley, with a rich background spanning over a decade in the ABA software arena, will be pivotal in aligning Motivity's offerings with the evolving needs of ABA therapy providers. Prior to joining Motivity, Brian served as Head of Product at CentralReach, where he was one of the key drivers of their early success. As Chief Creative Officer, he will oversee Motivity's strategic and creative trajectory, emphasizing innovation and utility.

Emaley McCulloch, after co-founding Autism Training Solutions (ATS) in 2010 and serving as VP of Research at Relias following its 2014 acquisition of ATS, joined Motivity, where she made notable contributions as VP of Clinical Product. Her promotion is a testament to her increasing responsibilities and her stature as a luminary in the ABA field. Backed by her credentials and 25 years experience in the field, McCulloch is exceptionally equipped to lead Motivity's clinical vision and approach.

Rex Jakobovits, President of Motivity, remarked, "The appointments of Brian and Emaley solidify our mission to deepen our engagement with the ABA community. Their expertise is especially crucial as Motivity experiences rapid growth, having expanded to over 300 subscribing clinics within the past year."

On his new role, Curley expressed, "Guiding Motivity's creative direction is a privilege. Recognizing the transformative potential of ABA therapy for individuals with autism, we're dedicated to enhancing our tools for ABA therapists continually."

McCulloch added, "As Chief Clinical Officer, I am honored to elevate our offerings to resonate with the core principles of ABA and collaborate with subject matter experts in developmental therapies to create a solution across disciplines for the benefit of the patients. My focus remains on ensuring that therapists are empowered to deliver the best interventions."

With these leadership augmentations, Motivity is primed to further its mission of delivering top-tier data collection tools to ABA providers, emphasizing precision, efficiency, and results.

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Motivity is fully NIH grant funded and a leading provider of electronic data collection software for ABA therapy. With a mission to empower ABA therapy providers with innovative and intuitive tools, Motivity's software streamlines data collection, analysis, and reporting, enabling therapists to focus on what matters most – improving the lives of individuals with autism. Learn more at


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