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Create a free account and test out demo learners to view data, charts, session summaries, as well as try out the data collection interface. To get a clear understanding of all the features and functionality of the system, we recommend scheduling a demo with Emaley.

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The best way to fully see and learn if Motivity is a good fit for you and your organization is to book a short 30-minute demonstration with one of our team members. We understand you have options and we will do our best to provide a clear and honest evaluation of our services and your needs. 


About Us

Funded by $5M in grants from the National Institutes of Health, is an evidence-based tool being developed for BCBAs who are struggling with the limitations of existing systems. The key difference in Motivity's approach is a simple but powerful modeling tool that lets you tell the system exactly how you want your programs to work.

The science of behavior change can be harnessed to accelerate progress towards goals and improve well-being. Motivity provides a modern, efficient framework for implementing data-driven, individualized behavior shaping protocols.