The truth about switching systems.

A detailed look into our models for transitioning data systems.

Is it worth the time and effort to make a switch?

Will it really be better on the other side?

Can our organization even handle a change this massive?


Our Team Can Address All of Your Concerns

Since our public launch in 2020, we’ve helped hundreds of companies switch from their current data collection system, through a process that removes anxiety, and dare we say, is actually enjoyable. We’ve got this down pat, and we’ll be there with you the entire time.

What does the switch look like?

Why are companies deciding to switch?

Let us explain why Motivity is different from your current system, and what you’ll get if you take the leap.
Better Clinical OutcomesIncreased ROICustomer SupportIncreased Job SatisfactionEfficient Business Workflows

Better clinical outcomes.

Motivity provides your team with cutting-edge, versatile tools for data collection. You can employ your choice of evidenced-based practices with a higher fidelity, unconstrained by the rigid programming model offered by other systems. And when your team has the right tools, patients will make more progress, have better skill retention, and ultimately, a higher quality of life. Our system was funded by NIH and tested in clinical trials, so we have the data to prove it!

Increased ROI

By investing in Motivity, you’re setting up your organization for long-term health and success. You’ll get a head start on adopting the next generation of tools, and stand out from the crowd. Once Motivity is deployed, you’ll see better clinical outcomes, a more streamlined workflow, and happy, empowered staff. And that is the ideal combination for a successful business!

Unrivaled customer support and education.

With the best customer support on the market, we guarantee that you will never feel lost or unsupported! We offer live and on-demand training, hundreds of “how to” articles, easy-to-follow video demonstrations, and a real-life BCBA to walk you through it all. We also supply built-in libraries, with hundreds of templates for assessments, programs, and notes. And did we mention? This is all included in the price of your subscription!

Increased job satisfaction.

Motivity is rated as the best user experience by front-line staff. Happy users = improved staff retention. New BTs can be onboarded in 20 minutes with our online self-training materials. Plus, everyone can rest assured that the system will always be available, and your data will always be there. In all of 2022, we had less than 1 hour of downtime (including scheduled weekend maintenance), with no lost data. Less stress means more time spent providing quality services!

More efficient business workflows and standardization.

Our modern interface, customization tools, and powerful program builder allow you to map Motivity directly to your organization’s existing workflow. The days of adjusting procedures or protocol due to software limitations are over! Plus, you’ll be amazed how much time you can save when your data collection system works how you want it to. Supervisors can focus on clinical outcomes and staff training, rather than tedious administrative tasks.

What does the switch look like?

So you're ready to switch systems, what's next? In broad strokes, Motivity has five focused aims.
Preserving Historical DataStaff Education and TrainingSetting Up LearnersBuilding Clinical WorkflowsOngoing Maintenance of Motivity Processes

Preserving Historical Data

You will need to work with your legacy vendor to export and save historical notes and data to your data storage vendor. Depending on accessibility of the data, this should only take an admin a few hours to back up your important data.

Legacy Data Access: You will need to look into your current vendor's data access policy to determine what data you will have access to after you cancel services. Do you have “view only” permissions? How long do you have access for? Most organizations will maintain access to their legacy vendor until they are able to download notes, graphs and data for reports.

Staff Education and Training

We know that every organization is different, and a “one size fits all” approach simply doesn’t work. That’s why we offer 3 different models for Staff Education and Training, and we work with you to figure out which one will be best!

In general there are steps we take to help an organization determine what model will work best for their needs.

Model 1: Cohort Model

This is a moderately paced transition in which your company starts the implementation with certain sites or cohorts. The first cohorts are usually groups that are eager to try a new system, are not adverse to technology, and willing to put in the time to troubleshoot the new system and establish processes.

View DEBH Case Study →

Model 2: Naturalistic Model

This is the slowest paced transition in which your organization onboards learners as they begin a new authorization period. Any new learners are immediately onboarded into Motivity.

Model 3: Accelerated Model

This is the fastest paced transition in which your organization essentially “hires” the Motivity Customer Support team to help build your libraries with you based on your programs and curriculum before you go live.

Building Clinical Workflows

Each organization is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Consultant (CSC). Motivity's CSCs are all clinicians, they understand your pain points, and can speak your clinical language. Together you will create and maintain your system’s processes, while only being a call or email apart. We understand what it takes to build your system from the ground up and educate your team to build capacity within your organization.

Ongoing Maintenance of Motivity Processes

Once your organization has completely transitioned to Motivity, our team continues to stay by your side as you grow and adapt. You will be working with your dedicated CSC to scale and maintain your practice over time, while also partnering with Motivity on the feature roadmap that provides continued valuable features and products.

Organization Case Study

Implementing Motivity using the Cohort Implementation Model

Developmental Enhancement Behavioral Health

DEBH transitioned to Motivity with specific sites or cohorts. The first cohorts are usually groups that are eager to try a new system, are not adverse to technology, and willing to put in the time to troubleshoot the new system and establish processes.

After training their initial cohort, DEBH rolled out Motivity to the rest of the organization, and had all sites up-and-running within 2 months.

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