The Perfect Progress Report Companion

Spend time on your learner’s progress, not their report.

Our real-time, instant-save report builder has everything you need to build and store all clinical documentation and medical records. From intake to discharge, across all service delivery models, we have you covered.
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Our predecessors cleared a path, we’re paving the way.

The field of ABA has changed so much in the last 10 years, and we’ve been watching. Unlike any of our competitors, our report builder can be used to address the entire continuum of care, from intake to discharge.
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Customizable and reusable note and report templates
Auto-populate client, staff, payor, and clinical data
Auto-populate program charts
Parent and staff signature workflow
Auto-populate individual target charts
Library of report templates already accepted by payors
Import mastery dates, introductory dates, any transition date, and others
Embed any form field within the report
Easily remove unneeded domain, program, or target information
Report on any goal, in any status, at any time.
Built-in approval and rejection workflow
Organize, sort, or order your report by domain, program, or custom.

Cover the Complete Continuum of Care

Quickly and clearly demonstrate clinical/medical necessity. From intake to discharge, store all your clinical documentation within Motivity.

Create Any Types of Reports

Treatment plans, progress reports, supervision forms, accident/injury reports, caregiver communication logs, and many more.

Organize Your Report Exactly How You Want

Group your report by program type, phase type, domain, subdomain, or diagnostic criteria to easily illustrate medical necessity.

Included Payor Approved Templates

Funding source approved templates included and ready for use. Already approved by: Aetna, Delaware Medicaid, Highmark (BCBC), Cigna, Optum, Horizon NJ Health, Horizon BCBS, Amerigroup NJ, and more coming soon!

Import All Types of Charts

High-quality individual target charts as well as program, set, or custom cumulative charts, exactly how you want them. Customize each chart to your liking while creating the report.

Embed Form Fields within the Report

Add unique form fields like drop downs, checkboxes, and conditional fields within each program, set, or target to include even more bespoke data within your report.

Auto Populate Clinical Data

Automatically import specific program and target data as well as profile demographics from learner, user, organization, and payor. Just to name a few!

Unique and Customizable Signatures, Approvals, and Revision Workflows

Customizable workflows multiple approval steps for approving reports across multiple roles like providers, parents, billers, admins, and more. When integrated with one of our partners, quickly link notes to sessions and when complete, automatically send the note to your other system.


Confidently complete your report directly on the platform, with Motivity’s signature “save-as-you-type” experience.