Finding a data collection provider that matches our needs.

Achieve Ability Therapy
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The Lighthouse Customer Program allowed Achieve Ability Therapy to try the system risk-free during a pilot phase of the software. Kimberly Hull, President of Achieve Ability Therapy, selected a few eager supervisors to take...

Achieve Ability Therapy was looking for a data collection system that could meet their unique needs. They were using a practice management system that had data collection features but were not satisfied with the flexibility and usability of the clinical side of the platform. They searched for years to find a data collection system that made sense for them. They had tried nearly every platform available on the commercial market and even looked into hiring someone to create a custom platform for their needs. The platforms they tried were either too lean, too expensive, or too complicated making implementation extremely difficult.

Partner Together

In July 2019, they started using Motivity as part of the Lighthouse Customer Program. The Lighthouse Customer Program allowed them to try the system risk-free during a pilot phase of the software. Kimberly Hull, President of Achieve Ability Therapy, selected a few eager supervisors to take on the project and work with Motivity’s support specialist to create a strategy to get Achieve Ability’s curriculum and templates in the system and roll out the electronic data collection slowly and systematically. They had found a true next-generation data collection system.

Reaping the Benefits

Within three months, they had all of their clients in the system, all Supervisors trained on building programs and a curriculum built with custom templates. They continue to reap the benefits of hard work and dedication to transitioning to Motivity. Here are some of the benefits they report.

  • Custom design the data collection interface to match what I usually do on paper.
  • Can set up custom phases and mastery criteria (works with PEAK, custom prompt hierarchies, teach-teach-probe, etc.)
  • Data is more reliable and programs move along more efficiently with BCBA controlled auto-advance features and ease of supervisor oversight.
  • Decreased risk of losing data on a secure cloud-based platform.
  • Behavior Technicians love the ease of the Motivity with elegant navigation, indicators, and cues to complete minimum daily trials and programs, pin high-frequency targets, and accessible instructions and protocols.
  • Supervisors are able to easily access and analyze the data and charts (even as the session is in progress).
  • Gives Analysts more time...more time to spend with clients and more time for supervising RBTs.
  • Client programming and review only takes a quarter of the time it used to take.
I am confident that Motivity will meet your company's data collection needs and also fit within your company's budget. Emaley and the entire Motivity Team are SO responsive to their customer's needs. They really listen and customize the platform based upon that feedback. I cannot recommend them enough. Motivity offers an exceptional platform at a fair price. I feel like we are finally able to ditch the antiquated data binders and move into a new era.

Kimberly Hull, President of Achieve Ability Therapy

About Achieve Ability Therapy

Achieve Ability Therapy has been serving the Tampa Florida area for eight years, offering speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and ABA services to people of all ages. They provide clinic-based intensive ABA programs and also have a school-based ABA program that collaborates with an on-site school, Achiever's Day School. Achieve Ability Therapy shows its commitment to clinical excellence through extensive clinical training for RBTs, parents, and staff. They also participate in research conducted alongside the University of South Florida and are active in training the next generation of Behavior Analysts. They use a multi-disciplinary team approach, partnering with practitioners in the areas of Speech and Occupational Therapy in every case.