Christy Evanko, BCBA, LBA

Subject Matter Expert

Why Healthcare Providers are choosing to stick with Motivity: A Look at User Satisfaction

Discover Motivity, the system enhancing healthcare with real-time data, customization, and stress reduction. Improve clinic performance.

Reinforcement in Autism Therapy: From Challenges to Triumph

Learn the differences between positive and negative reinforcement, common mistakes to avoid, and how to measure effectiveness in ABA.

Occupational Therapy in Autism: Improving Lives One Skill at a Time

Discover how occupational therapy aids individuals with autism in developing essential skills through personalized OT plans.

Natural Environment Teaching

Natural Environment Teaching (NET) in ABA creates personalized, real-world learning experiences for individuals with autism.

ABA Parent Training

Discover how ABA parent training empowers parents of children with autism to support their child's development, ensuring learning at home.

Teach RBTs Perfect ABA Session Notes with Behavioral Skills

We all know that ABA session notes are a necessary evil. After a tiring session (both physically and mentally)...

ABA Podcasts – The Easiest Way to Keep Up

Looking for something to do while trudging through your daily commute, traveling on a long trip, performing household chores...

3 Major Perks for Using Interval Recording And Its Different Types

If you talk to ABA business owners and clinical directors and ask them how they collect data, you will get very different answers!...

BCBA Gift Policy and What You Should Do Instead of Excepting Gifts

Gift-giving is an expected norm in most cultures. Thus, many behavioral professionals will find themselves in the awkward situation of havin

Defending Your  Right to Advocate for Behavior Analysis

ABA is a very new profession! Really, in the grand scheme of things, it is still in its infancy.

Is Private Equity for the Pigeons?

Private Equity and its relationship to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as practiced with persons with autism has been in the news a lot late

Mystery solved! Why  the BACB is so focused on Trademarks

The Patent Office an organizations’ attempts to safeguard their names and products as the BACB® did in July.

6 Behavioral  Science Technologies to Achieve Success

What are your goals for the year? If you are like many, you have a few nebulous aims peppered with good intentions. Lacking in the mix...