5 Ways Our Team Can Help You Avoid BCBA Burnout


Let’s face it. As rewarding as our work is, life as a BCBA can be hard. And especially in current times, burnout is real. (See here for a conversation on BCBA burnout with Tatum Winslow, Director of Clinical Support).

At Motivity, our goal is to make your day-to-day as easy as possible. Whether that is through real-time data, instant graphing, or data collection that your BTs love to use, we want you to be able to focus on the fulfilling aspects of your job.

And we’ll even take it a step further...

Did you know that you can essentially “hire” a Motivity BCBA to take on some of your most grueling tasks, at a reduced hourly rate?

It’s true – we offer something called “Advanced Clinical Hours” – real support, from a real BCBA.  

Tell me more! What are Advanced Clinical Hours?

Advanced Clinical Hours are provided by a Motivity BCBA, to take some tasks off your plate. And you can purchase as many hours as you’d like! An initial bank is built into your onboarding period (bank size determined by organization size), plus, you can purchase additional (discounted) banks if needed. 

Hours can be used for several tasks, including, but not limited to:

  • Building out learner programs
  • Providing 1:1 Motivity coaching to clinical staff
  • Creating custom session notes or program templates 

Read below for 5 actual scenarios where our clients have utilized this amazing option. 

Scenario 1: You’re onboarding several new clients at once…

We all know the feeling. You’re able to accept several new clients (hooray!), but that also means you have to get all of their programs set up (enter: overwhelm). We got you! We’ll turn your clinical goals and treatment plans into Motivity programs, and assign them to your new learners.

Mission accomplished – less stress, and more time to focus on running your business!

Scenario 2: You’re implementing a specific ABA protocol…

You just completed a training on SBT, or PEAK assessment, or another ABA protocol, and you’d like to get that up-and-running in your practice. You’re excited to apply your new knowledge, but don’t know quite where to start…

We’re here to help! We’ll collaborate with you to create new program templates: we’ll get together, build the program live, and conduct simulations to get everything just right. We’ll incorporate your feedback, until we can proudly present the finished product. (We can even add references into the program, so you can always go back to the literature!)

And, once you have the template in your library, it’s yours to keep! You can assign it to multiple learners, quickly and easily.

Scenario 3: You need customized session notes for each of your payors…

When it comes to session notes, EVERY insurance company requires something slightly different. What a headache! 

You’ve probably perfected this over time, creating a note template that is just right for each payer. Well, we can help you create those exact session notes on Motivity.  

Just send along what you’re currently using (yes, all the iterations), and we’ll put them into electronic format. We promise, it will look exactly how you (and your payors) want it! 

And best of all – once your notes are added to Motivity, your BTs can fill them out on-screen, from right within their session.

Scenario 4: You need help establishing processes…

Your company is quite large, and you need to figure out the best way to manage your program libraries and data collection systems.

Let us leverage the power of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) to help! We’ll meet with your team, learn about your goals, and come up with a process.  

We’ll give you the tools you need (e.g. Task Analyses and Scoring Rubrics) for conducting quality checks, correcting errors, and managing your master curriculum library.

The process will be so simple and efficient, you’ll be able to scale across your entire organization – even across multiple locations!

Scenario 5: You’re making the switch to a new data collection system…

You’ve made the decision to switch to a new data collection system. There’s a lot to navigate – program migration, staff training – and not to mention, there’s a time frame to consider, as you bump up against an expiring contract. 

Let us take that work off your plate! We can give you all the extra support you need; from creating templates and migrating programs, to conducting 1:1 training with your staff – and get you off of your prior system within a matter of weeks.

Are you ready to make the switch to Motivity? Schedule a demo we’d love to meet you!

We’re proud to have BCBAs at the head of every team:

  • Product development
  • Sales and client services
  • Customer success and support

We’ve all been where you are, we’ve started companies, supervised and trained staff, worked directly with amazing clients and families, and experienced the various software systems on the market.

And we all believe that Motivity is different.


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