5 Tips for Faster ABA Clinic Internet and Connectivity

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  1. Remove or restrict applications that hog bandwidth
  2. Check for dead spots in the office Wi-Fi network
  3. Place your router in an open space for better Wi-Fi Signal strength
  4. Double check your internet service provider plan
  5. Try alternate Wi-Fi channels

What is your Baseline Speed?

First and foremost, what is your internet speed right now? Knowing what your internet speed is good for context. You can use your first speed test result as a baseline and then you can compare the results after trying the following tips to see if your speed has actually improved. You can check your internet speed in any web browser at Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test. You can also check the speed of your Wi-Fi on your iOS and Android devices by downloading the app from either the App Store or the Google Play Store

Remove or Restrict Applications that Hog Bandwidth

The term bandwidth refers to the maximum amount of data that can be transferred over an internet connection in a given amount of time. Unfortunately, your internet’s bandwidth is limited and using too much bandwidth will result in significantly slower internet speeds. To help solve this issue, you can delete and/or restrict any applications that consume a large amount of bandwidth like streaming videos (such as Netflix) and torrenting are huge bandwidth hoggers at work. 

You can quickly create some internet usage policies and make sure that your company's employees are either regulated or at least aware of how much personal use of the internet can slow its speed down.

Check for Dead Spots in the office WiFi network

You might have some “dead spots” within your home or office, where the WiFi just can’t reach. A smartphone app such as Wi-Fi Sweet Spots helps identify any dead spots in your office, making it easier to know if maybe moving your router to a new position might solve your issues.

Place Your Router Properly for Better WiFi Signal Strength

Who uses and relies on the W-iFi at your company, and where are they? The router needs to be in a location central to those users. Most companies have a tendency to store their router away so that it’s tidy, however this is not a great idea. Cabinet walls and cupboard doors can block the signal, preventing it from reaching all of the computers in your office. If other wireless devices are stored in the same cabinet, or nearby, this can interfere with the signal even further.

To get the best signal, place your Wi-Fi router somewhere in the office where it will send a clear, unobstructed signal to the highest number of users. The higher up you place your router, the fewer obstacles the WiFi connection will have to get through to reach your devices - you may even try mounting it on the ceiling!

Double Check Your Internet Service Provider Plan

If none of your changes address your internet speed issues, it may be because your plan is set to the lowest plan. Your company’s internet provider should be able to give you a better insight into why your internet is slow, and if there is a possibility of quickly making it faster.

It could simply be that you need an upgraded router to improve your internet connection, or possibly you aren’t paying for internet speeds that are fast enough to deal with your company’s demands. Your internet service provider should be able to analyze your internet performance and see where the issue lies.

Try Alternate Wi-Fi Channels

Throughout your building, you may have multiple competing WiFi networks. The more things you have using WiFi under the roof and in the neighborhood, the more potential there is for WiFi channel congestion.

To take a lesser-congested road, ensure that your router is set to auto-check for the best channel. You’ll also need WiFi stumbler tools because the channel that auto-search finds can later become jam-packed.

If the above steps fail, it might be time to bring in the professionals.


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