Motivator Spotlight: Kiara Henry at ABA Interactive


In this edition of our Motivator Spotlight Series, we are thrilled to introduce Kiara Henry, M.S. Psychology, BCaBA, and LABA, the inspiring Founder and CEO of ABA Interactive behavioral therapy. Kiara's journey began unexpectedly after a career shift from aspiring Olympic athlete to dedicated advocate for the autistic community.

1. Can you share your journey in ABA therapy and what inspired you to pursue it?

My journey in ABA therapy began unexpectedly after a setback in my pursuit of becoming an Olympic athlete. Despite initial ignorance about ABA therapy, I took a chance and found a new purpose in working with the autistic community. I remember fumbling through the interview and at the end of it, the clinical detector at the time stated she would be willing to take a chance on me based on my energetic personality and my stature as long as I was willing to put in the work. This prompted me to switch my specialization from LPC to ABA, fueled by a vision of a more collaborative and interactive approach. My goal is to actively make a difference in the lives of families we serve by promoting independence and generalization both within and outside the community. As we promote a more independent lifestyle for the clients, a more freeing lifestyle for the parents and loved ones I have been inspired to fulfill my purpose by contributing to the needs of the ABA community.  

2. What's been the most rewarding aspect of your role as a BCBA or clinical owner? 

As a BCaBA and clinical owner, the most rewarding aspect is witnessing the transformative impact of Applied Behavioral Analysis on clients, families, and therapy specialists. Playing a role in helping individuals achieve their fullest potential, turning parents' hope into reality, and observing the growth and development within families bring immense satisfaction. None of this would be possible without the incredible support from the therapy team.

3. How has it been using Motivity? 

Transitioning to Motivity initially seemed daunting, but with guidance from Ms. Christy and the Motivity team, the process was seamless. The platform has strengthened my organization on the clinical side, proving to be a worthwhile switch. Despite being a growing practice management platform, Motivity has been accommodating to my needs, enhancing efficiency in our operations.

4. Share one powerful ABA strategy or technique you find impactful for your clients.

 One powerful ABA strategy I find impactful for clients is functional communication training. By promoting effective communication that leads to independence and generalization across settings and people, we empower clients to express their wants and needs more effectively, recognizing the key role of communication in their development. Although communication is KEY and effective communication is POWER.

5. Outside of work what's a hobby or interest you're passionate about and how do you balance it with your professional life? 

Balancing professional responsibilities with personal interests and hobbies is challenging but essential. Outside of work, I'm passionate about various activities including fitness, modeling, traveling, team building, coaching, mentoring, and volunteering. I established my non-profit and it has been keeping me busy. The goal is to give back to my community and aid the special needs community of those in transition. The goal is to be a full-fledged recreational facility run predominantly by those with autism and special needs. Establishing healthy boundaries, practicing time management, and prioritizing self-care are crucial for maintaining balance and achieving personal and professional fulfillment. I make sure to be very intentional about creating a space that cultivates creativity as well as a place to unwind and reset. This gives me the mental, emotional, and physical capacity to be kind to KIARA!

6. One thing you love about Motivity?

What I love about Motivity is its user-friendly data collection system that allows for individualized client needs. It efficiently translates clinical ideas into actionable strategies, thanks to the dedication and support from the clinical team and Ms. Christy. I would love to give a shoutout to my clinical team Mitchel, Sonika (BCBA Intern), and Roxette (BCBA) for pulling this system together. Also, I love the time that Ms. Christy has poured into Mitchell (Program Coordinator) and helped him become a guru at this system. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and consideration.


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