Revolutionize ABA Therapy with the Motivity Calmanac Integration

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Honolulu, HI - In a significant leap forward for ABA and developmental therapy management, Motivity is thrilled to announce its partnership with Calmanac. This latest integration merges Motivity's premier data collection software with Calmanac's comprehensive practice management tools, setting a new benchmark for operational excellence in the therapy field.

This collaborative effort introduces an innovative solution, embodying both Motivity's and Calmanac's dedication to enhancing ABA therapy provision. With Motivity's expertise in data collection fused with Calmanac's advanced administrative capabilities, ABA therapy providers are now equipped with a seamless, efficient system. This integration promises to streamline practice operations, minimize training requirements, and optimize workflow processes, ultimately elevating the standard of care provided to patients.

“Through our integration with Calmanac, we are positioned to become the market leader for large to enterprise ABA organizations.” says Cara Lechleiter, Director of Sales at Motivity. “Motivity’s unparalleled clinical flexibility, paired with Calmanac’s centralized compliance engine, will give early adopters a significant competitive advantage.”

"Plus, this alliance holds great promise for scalable, reliable, and precise solutions. Engineering effective solutions is a cornerstone of our approach, and witnessing the seamless compatibility between our team and Motivity has been truly uplifting. With this integration, we're paving the way for practitioners to choose from the available tool options for their practice, gaining an edge without trade-offs, and upholding the highest care standards,” says Madhuri Mandaogade, who leads Calmanac.

Calmanac's platform is renowned for its solid compliance framework and technical prowess, having worked closely with ABA companies for over a decade. Its solutions offer advanced scheduling, revenue cycle management, and a suite of tools designed to prevent errors before they occur, ensuring practices are audit-ready and poised for growth.

The integration with Calmanac highlights Motivity's commitment to innovation and support for clinical excellence. By providing ABA practices with tools for better management and decision-making, Motivity and Calmanac are enabling practitioners to focus more on what matters most—delivering exceptional therapy outcomes.

About Motivity:

Motivity redefines ABA therapy technology, supported by $8M+ in NIH grants, providing innovative solutions for clinical data collection and supervision. With a reputation for excellence among 380+ organizations worldwide, Motivity is devoted to enhancing clinical tools, expertise, satisfaction, and supporting the autism and developmental therapy community. For an in-depth look at the Motivity Calmanac Integration, visit or request a demonstration at


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