Telehealth Video Series and Resources

Most people would agree, that one-day telehealth would be a more accepted modality for ABA services but we weren’t prepared for what happened in March 2020 as COVID-19 Pandemic prevented many services from being done in person. We needed to learn how to implement telehealth services FAST! As a behavior analyst who has done telehealth sessions since 2007 with families in Japan, and had years of navigating online meeting technology by working with teams remotely for over 10 years, I knew I could offer some help to those having to navigate the technology and logistics of engaging parents and children through video conferencing.

These videos were released in early April 2020 with a downloadable toolkit. The videos received thousands of views within the first few days. The first video is a demonstration of what a teletherapy session could look like with two different kids.

The second video is a walkthrough tutorial on how to navigate the Zoom teleconferencing technology and how to use different tools such as PowerPoint to create interactive token boards and Boom Cards to create interactive skill acquisition programs.

Emaley McCulloch
VP of Clinical Products