Motivator Spotlight: Dr. Britt Farley at K-Now Solutions


In May we got to know a little bit more about Dr. Britt Farley from K-Now Solutions, a seasoned practitioner and advocate for compassionate ABA therapy. With over 15 years of experience in various roles within the field, Dr. Farley's journey through ABA therapy has been anything but linear. From challenging beginnings to establishing her own business focused on telehealth for underserved populations, her dedication to providing compassionate care is undeniable and an inspiration to all of us.

1. Can you share your journey in ABA therapy and what inspired you to pursue it?

I kinda fell into the field of behavior analysis. I have been in the field for over 15-years in a number of different roles and environments. Early in my career before becoming a BCBA I worked in a clinic that trained us in holds, escape extinction, and what they called an "I win" approach which essentially took all the rights away from the clients. After leaving that clinic I made it a purpose to provide ABA-based therapy completely opposite of how I was trained. This eventually led to establishing my own business where I could truly teach BTs, RBTs, and other BCBAs a more compassionate approach to ABA-based therapy. Additionally, being a military spouse and growing up in a rural Iowa I found the need to increase access to services for rural and underserved populations through telehealth. Today I co-own a telehealth company providing services to these underserved populations in addition to training future BCBAs. My journey through ABA has not always been linear, but I would not be the practitioner, teacher, or business owner I am today without these experiences.

2. What's been the most rewarding aspect of your role as a BCBA or clinic owner?

The most rewarding aspect in my role as a BCBA is when a child is able to vocally communicate for the first time and seeing the caregivers reaction. As a clinical and supervisor the most rewarding aspect is getting to experience the growth in our supervisees and team members. That first time they have a breakthrough with a client or taking the client to the next level in their skill and communication.

3. Tell us about your experience with Motivity so far.

We have only had positive experiences with Motivity. The team works very close with our team to ensure documentation and data collection needs are met. On more than one occasion we have requested specific documentation and each time Motivity has delivered to meet what we are requesting. We also have a number of individuals who have English as a second language and Motivity has been able to meet those needs providing training and onboarding that is easy to follow.

4. Share one powerful ABA strategy or technique you find impactful for your clients.

As a BCBA a powerful strategy is allowing escape to happen or using escape as a reinforcer. "The K-Now Way" is one that does not utilize physical prompts, rely on environmental variables to shape behavior,  practice assent, take a trauma-assumed approach, and engage in culturally responsive behavior. We do not focus on changing the child, but instead give them tools that can be used in everyday life.

5. Outside of work what's a hobby or interest you're passionate about and how do you balance it with your professional life?

Outside of work I am a mom and milspouse, so my "nonwork time" is spent with my boys and husband. With two boys our hobbies include being outside, riding bikes and the four wheeler, and pretty much anything we can do outside.

6. One thing you love about Motivity?

There are a lot of things to love about Motivity, but at the top of the list is the amazing customer service and communication we receive from the motivity team. It makes us feel valued and not just another customer.


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