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We had the privilege of conversing with the exceptional Chrystle Medina from Joyful Behavior. Chrystle passionately shared her journey from how she kicked off her ABA journey in 2012, to feeling like she struck tech gold with Motivity.

1. Can you share your journey in ABA therapy and what inspired you to pursue it?

In 2012, my adventure kicked off right after donning the cap and gown for my BA in psychology. I was on the lookout for a gig that would let me flex my degree muscles, and that's when I stumbled upon the fascinating world of ABA. Starting as a behavior technician (back in the days before RBTs were a thing), I spent a lively 1.5 years in the role, quickly realizing this was the field for me.

Fueled by the passion, I enrolled in the MA program at the University of Nevada Reno, emerging victorious in 2016 and ready to tackle the certification exam. Navigating California's three-tiered system, I worked under a BCBA from 2016 to 2018.

Fast forward to 2018, and I conquered the exam, propelling myself up the professional ladder. My journey took me from the sunny vibes of California to the peachy allure of Georgia, where I assumed the role of Clinical Director for an exceptional company. The adventure didn't stop there — I made my way to Maryland, armed with the confidence in my skills and knowledge to venture into entrepreneurship.

2. What's been the most rewarding aspect of your role as a BCBA or clinical owner?

The absolute best part of my gig? Bringing top-notch ABA magic to my community! Our squad is all about dishing out top-tier care, and the awesome part? Witnessing our kiddos bloom and grow. Seriously, it's like watching little superheroes discover their powers! And you know what else rocks? Meeting with families and soaking in their stories of joy with Joyful Behavior Analytic Services.

3. Share one powerful ABA strategy or technique you find impactful for your clients.

We're all about rocking the Trauma-Informed Care groove. We deploy Skills-Based Treatment (SBT) with our clients as needed and when it's the right fit for the situation. I've personally witnessed the magic of SBT making waves for kiddos far and wide.  We take immense pride in having the training and dedication to shower our clients with the utmost respect and dignity.

4. Outside of work what's a hobby or interest you're passionate about and how do you balance it with your professional life?

I'm a passionate explorer, always on the lookout for new adventures and cultural delights. My calendar is a well-organized tapestry, carefully woven with dedicated moments to jet off and reconnect with cherished friends and family. Because, you know, life is a grand journey meant to be shared!

5. One thing you love about Motivity?

Motivity is not just user-friendly – it's practically your tech-savvy sidekick! With an intuitive design that's smoother than a jazz solo, glitches are nearly extinct. And in the rare event that a digital hiccup occurs, the Motivity team springs into action faster than a superhero on caffeine. I've waltzed through other data collection software options, but choosing Motivity for my company, let's just say it's the kind of decision that feels like striking tech gold!


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Motivator Spotlight Feature of the Month
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