Brian Curley
Brian Curley
Chief Creative Officer

We've added new profile fields!

In order to prepare for our robust upcoming reporting features, we've added four new profile fields across the organization, member, and learner profiles.

  • Learner Profile
    Generic Learner ID
  • Member Profile
  • Organization Profile
    Tax ID Number

Fresh Note Permissions

You asked and we listened. This past month we've released two new permissions around notes we think you'll love.

View Notes Only Permission
You can now disable the View Data permission while still allowing the View Notes permission. This allows you to create roles within Motivity that can view notes, but still not have access to clinical data collection.

Delete Notes Permission
Users can now control who has the ability to delete notes. If a user's role has the Delete Notes permission set to Not Set, they can not delete any notes, including their own.

Further Chart Upgrades

Another month of releases means more chart and graph updates, heres what's new!

  • Y-Axis Title added to cumulative charts
  • Title and Subtitle added to downloaded charts
  • Target charts will now include the target name as the title and the program name as the subtitle.
  • Program Type, Program, and Set cumulative charts will now include the program type/program/set name as the title and "Completed Targets" as the subtitle.
  • Rate control hidden on targets that do not include a rate.