Brian Curley
Brian Curley
Chief Creative Officer

Stability and Security

If you’re reading this, there's a good chance that you’re already a Motivity user. So I don’t need to tell you that we make every effort to be the most reliable and the fastest data collection software in ABA. We spend hours in order to save you literal milliseconds of loading time, every time we release an update. That’s why if you’ve used Motivity for a while, every other website just seems…slow. We know that your time is precious, that’s why we try to make Motivity faster than you can click. We’re constantly improving our software, even when our uptime is at an industry-leading 99.99%. This month alone we’ve released 19 improvements to our platform regarding security and stability. And we’ll continue to do so to ensure that every time you use Motivity, you get the best performance and reliability we can offer.

Even More Integrations

Our current integration with AlohaABA currently has over 130 organizations using it every single day. We have been busy testing and piloting practice management integrations with both TherapyPMS and Lumary. As I mentioned previously, we pride ourselves on flawless execution and unbeatable performance when we release a feature, and our BETA phases have taken a little longer than expected. However, we’re happy to announce that we’re officially accepting new clients for AlohaABA and TherapyPMS! Keep an eye on our website for exclusive integration-specific demos with all of our partners or speak to your CSC to explore your options.

Readability Improvements

A lot of effort goes into making great software and it requires us to really obsess over the details. Sometimes the changes we make are really small, like updating the font size in the session data opportunities section. We continually make small updates throughout the application to make sure you’re never struggling to do your job and that Motivity acts as a valuable tool to help you perform at the best of your ability without interference.

Supporting the Best Customer Support Team in ABA

Whether they helped you get started with the system, or are helping you level up your use and become expert Motivators, the Motivity support team is always there to help. In order for them to give their best effort, we build tools for them to respond to your requests much faster and give you the best level of support possible. These are the unspoken feature releases that bring so much value to you, our customers, but rarely are acknowledged. Our latest release helps our support team restore accidentally deleted data.