Brian Curley
Brian Curley
Chief Creative Officer

New Import Fields for Notes

This month we've added a TON of new fields you can import into your note templates. Here is a list of what was released:

  • Select Parts of a Learner's Name (first, middle, last, etc)
  • Learner client code
  • Learner secondary ID
  • Learner Diagnosis codes
  • Learner Authorized Case Supervisor
  • Learner Initial diagnosis provider
  • Learner initial date of assessment
  • Learner treatment start date
  • Learner policy number
  • Learner group number
  • Learner member number
  • Learner payors
  • Learner guardian names and relationships
  • Note author certification number
  • Note author license number

Goal Description Added to Target Import

We've added the ability to include the goal description in your Target import within a note template. You can also override this setting when creating your note.


Duration Average Per Opportunity

We've expanded our current functionality for averages across sessions to now include duration across opportunities. When looking at a duration target, you're now able to not only see the average duration across sessions, but you can also see the average duration over n opportunities as well.