Brian Curley
Brian Curley
Chief Creative Officer

Roles and Note Templates have moved!

Are you looking for the Roles or Note Template page for your organization? There is now a Settings page located directly beneath My Membership. The Settings page will now include Note Templates and Roles.

Graphs Now Have the Y-axis Start at Zero

You spoke and we listened! Graphs within Motivity now have a y-axis that starts at zero. As you know this is common practice in the ABA field, especially when it comes to behavior reduction and your terminal goal is essentially zero.

Duration Stopwatch: Defaults Modified

Another user submitted change implemented. Now when you add a total duration target, the duration measure will default to:

  • Unchecked: Use to track opportunity duration
  • Checked: Affects outcome 

Only Load Active Targets When in Data Collection

To reduce the overall number of targets being loaded when starting a data collection session, now only programs with active targets will be loaded. Programs with on hold, deactivated, or completed targets will not be loaded.

Conditional & Filtered Sections in Notes

Users are now able to add and remove sections when completing a note based on certain responses.

For instance, you can created a Yes/No radio button for Was anyone else present during the session? If the answer is yes, show a text box for the user to enter in who was present. If the answer is no, don't show any other fields.

Find this option under any section, labelled filter subsection.

Conditional & Filtered Sections in Notes

For an additional level of grouping and organization, learner groups have now been included in the note data export.