Brian Curley
Brian Curley
Chief Creative Officer

Motivity is Launching New Logo and Website

We have recently launched our new logo and website! This change marks a new period of growth for Motivity. We thank you all for your support and trust in our product and team!

New Session Note Features

Capture Caregiver Signatures

Motivity Admin can set up caregiver/parent signatures for session notes as part of the approval workflow. To set this up for your session note templates, contact

Customize your Session Note Approval Process in Motivity

Motivity Admin can add a customized session note approval workflow to any session note templates. This allows session notes to go through an approval process that can include caregiver/parent signatures, billing, and clinical approval and rejection. To set up a customized approval workflow for session notes, contact

View Learner Transitions

View targets transitions that occurred in the learner timeline. This is helpful to see when targets have mastered or moved from Baseline to Train/Teach.

Export Session Times Report for All Learners

Run a report of Sessions or Session Notes for all learners. Use this report to see all complete sessions and session notes across all learners in your organization.

Data Export Now Includes Duration Times

Motivity exports duration counts as both a timestamp with a precise number of seconds, as well as a number of hours which can be used for operations like calculating the rate. For example, if a session took one hour and fifteen minutes, then Motivity will export “1:15:00” in the Duration column, and 1.25 in the Duration (Hours) column.