Brian Curley
Brian Curley
Chief Creative Officer
bulk data entry in motivity

Addition of Bulk Opportunities

This feature is a great addition to the long list of tools Motivity provides to enter accurate clinical data, quickly and easily. You can now enter in opportunity data in bulk, whether you're in data collection, editing past data, or using intervals!

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Place of Service

If you haven't seen already, we've added a Place of Service card to both the Organization and Learner blades. This feature allows you specify the exact location and time zone for a specific Learner. Storing a Learner's exact time zone will allow for error-proof session note downloads.

This feature is a precursor to a larger feature of bulk downloading session notes – to be released very soon.

Record Video Permission

We've added permission that will allow you to control who on your team is able to record video and who is not. The permission for Record Video is located under the Learners section of role permissions.

Added Diagnosis Codes

We've added additional diagnoses to the already long list of diagnosis codes within the Learner's profile. Go to Learner > Profile > Edit to customize your selection.

Member IDs Added to Profile

We've added a custom Member ID and Member Secondary ID fields to the member profile, which can also be imported into a note via a Note Template. These fields can be used for any external ID that you want to store within Motivity and import into a note. Go to Members > Profile > Edit to customize add the new fields.