Brian Curley
Brian Curley
Chief Creative Officer

New Updates and Improvements

This month's update brings you ALL THINGS REPORTS! If you haven't heard already, we have formally released reports on Motivity. Watch the video release notes below to get all the details.

Domains and Subdomains

Domains are a highly discussed topic within ABA so we spent an extensive amount of time interviewing our customers and surveying professionals in the industry to define what we believe to be a great starting point for using domains within Motivity.

You can now assign a domain and subdomain to every program within Motivity. An example of a domain could be “Communication” and its subdomains can be “Expressive”, “Receptive”, or “Written”. Starting to document and organize your programs this way will have a huge payoff when it comes to report writing time.

Motivity’s Domains and Subdomains are already pre-populated into your account with the most commonly used in the industry. We curated this list based on standard assessments, the programs our users created, and with input from our amazing user base.

Building Reports in Motivity

Reports within Motivity has so much flexibility and we’re just getting started. This initial release of reports allows you to not only complete a full progress report, but also do things like a mastered targets list, an incident report, an assessment plan, treatment plan, pre-authorization documentation and much more. For the sake of brevity, lets look at progress reports.

You can customize your report to be organized and grouped in many different ways. They can be grouped by domain, subdomain, a combination of both, alphabetical and more. You can include explicit target dates like first data point in a certain phase or date of mastery, as well as repeated form fields. For example, you can include a large text box after each goal to write a summary of progress. The customization is endless.

Show and Hide Report Information

While creating and writing your report, you have the ability to hide specific content that may not be relevant to your overall report. For example, your template could include cumulative charts and target charts, but you can decide which ones to show and hide when writing your report based on the goal.

Program References and Program Protocol Fields Added

In addition to the major reports release, we've also added two new text fields within a program for References and Protocol. This allows you to pull this information from the program description into its own field.

The program references field can also be imported into the report. You can find this import in the Show Program Information section.

Change to Active Learners

With the upgrade to our note and report builder, we've also updated our algorithm for defining what is an active learner. Starting on July 1, an active learner within Motivity is now any Learner with Learner Type: Patient that either has had data collected within the month or has a note generated.