Brian Curley
Brian Curley
Chief Creative Officer
Pending notes showing linked Aloha ABA appointments in Motivity

Updates to Aloha appointments in Motivity

We’ve been working around the clock to make our integration with Aloha ABA the best possible experience for our users. These updates will help our Aloha ABA integrated users visualize and manage their day even better.

1. See if a session note has a linked appointment

You can now visually see if a session note you’ve created has an Aloha appointment linked to it. This makes the process of checking to make sure all your session notes have been completed so much easier.

User interface showing times not matching between a session note and an Aloha ABA appointment

2. Visually see if the session and appointment times match

We’ve made it quick and easy to visually see if the session note times and the appointment times from Aloha match within the Motivity system. A green bar and icon of a linked appointment means the times match, an orange bar and icon means the times do not match, simple!

3. Manage and change the linked appointments

If there is a mistake between the linked appointment and session note, you can now remove or relink the appointment to the session note – allowing you to quickly organize and confirm all of your session notes are with the correct appointments.

4. Accessing session note from learner’s appointment detail

If you’re looking through a learner’s list of appointments, you can now quickly access the linked session note of that appointment, directly from the appointment detail screen.

Filter the learner list by label or by learner type

Filtering of the Learner List

With this update you’re able to sort, organize, and filter the learner list to improve your workflows even more. You can now filter the learner list by:

  • Learner labels
  • Learner types:
  • Patient
  • Caregiver
  • Staff
  • Other professional
  • Other

For example, this allows you to quickly sort through your list of learners and filter them by office location, parents (for data on parent goals), supervisors (admins can filter the list to only learners on a BCBAs workload), by service line or payor, and much more. These are just some examples of how you could use labels, types, and filtering to make your workflows easier.

Signed Session Notes Are Now Frozen

In our daily efforts to provide our users with the best and most accurate clinical data, we’ve made an instrumental change in the background process of signing a session note.

When a primary signature is collected and the note becomes signed, that session note, and all of the data visible at the time of signing the note (by the primary signer), is now frozen and will not be updated if the underlying data changes.

If there is data that is missing at the time of signing, or data that needs to be changed after signing, you need to now unsign the note, make the changes, and then resign the note to lock it again.

New Community Library Programs!

In the Motivity Community Library we’re added a few new programs for speech language pathologists (SLP) and occupational therapists (OT). They make it super easy to track progress and get those goals directly into a session note!

SLP, OT, and Parent Thinkific Training!

We added some amazing new training programs within Motivity’s learning platform. We’ve included trainings for SLPs, OTs, as well as a great 20 minute parent training program that gets your parents and caregivers up to speed with Motivity in no time.