Brian Curley
Brian Curley
Chief Creative Officer

Add Event Lines to Graphs and Timeline

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Adding event/variable lines to charts helps with visual analysis of data to see external variables that could affect behaviors and skill acquisition.

Cumulative Progress Charts

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See how many targets have been mastered over time with Cumulative Progress Charts.

How to Use $variables to Save Time and Client Confidentiality

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Did you know you can use variables to bring in custom content?

Preserving Scroll Position for Learners and Programs

When going in and out of learners and programs in the library, the place where you scrolled to is preserved when you back out. Less scrolling!

View the Learner Profile in Data Collection

Staff can now pull up detailed learner information (diet restrictions, allergies, important notes) within sessions.

Toggle Count Bar Graph

For each graph, you can now turn on or off the histogram or bar graph.

See Opportunity Score in Session in Timeline

In the raw data, you can see the opportunity scores in the timeline and under the target graphs.

For Session Note Admin

The system now preserves the state and content of session note rejection popup if it closes. This will allow you to see session notes and fill out rejection forms at the same time more easily.