Brian Curley
Brian Curley
Chief Creative Officer

Expanded Notes Permissions

This month we have released much greater flexibility for our notes permissions including further customization in creating, editing, deleting, and removing own signatures/approvals. Together, these permissions give organizations more control over who can view and create certain notes.

Whether you want to limit RBTs to specific types of notes, or ensure parents don't see notes before they are ready, these new settings will give you the control you need and more. Here are some standard examples:

  1. Caregiver role to see all notes for their child, but only notes that have been completed, signed, and approved
  2. Front line staff to create only specific types of notes and only view other specific types of notes.
  3. Clinical supervisor to make edits to certain types of notes, such as notes created by RBTs they are supervising.

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Added Functionality to Saved Charts

We expanded even further on our recently released Saved Charts feature to now also include saving settings you’ve changed for split by staff or events.

You can now save configurations for complex charts and easily view them with a single click – anyone else with access to the target can also see your saved charts as well!

Add Member to Learner Group from Profile

To speed up the onboarding process of new members, we've added the ability to add a member to a Learner Group from the member's profile page. Now you can easily add multiple members into Learner Groups without having to navigate away from the member list.

Added Filter by Learner for Pending Notes

If you're continually managing pending notes from within a Learner Group, we've added the ability to filter by Learner in this list. You can now quickly and easily filter down the list of pending notes by individual learner.