Brian Curley
Brian Curley
Chief Creative Officer

Learner Labels are Now Global

We've made a big update that will now allow you to see learner labels within Learner Groups, as well as My Learners. For example, if you label a learner as High Risk, now all employees will be able to see this label, no matter where they begin working.

Pending Notes in Learner Groups

We understand that sometimes the list of pending notes can get a little long. We've now introduced pending notes for individual learner groups, allowing you to more easily manage your notes, one group at a time.


Add Credentialed Payors to Member Profiles

We've added a new field within the member profile for credentialed payors. You are able to add as many credentialed payors for an individual employee as you'd like - import them into your notes/reports and you're set!


New Imported Fields into Notes

We've added a lot of new profile fields that can be imported into your notes/reports! Here's a list of all of the new fields:

  • Organization Tax ID
  • Organization Address
  • Organization Phone Number
  • Member Credentialed Payors
  • Member Name
  • Member Credentials
  • Member Email Address
  • Member Work/Mobile Phone