Brian Curley
Brian Curley
Chief Creative Officer

Interval Data Tracking

You asked and we delivered! Many Motivity customers are looking for a better way to take interval data. Just wait until you see the sleek manner in which Motivity handles this mainstay of behavior analysis. We’ve taken the trouble of setting a template up for you in the Motivity Public Curriculum. The program is called 0-Interval Data Template and it gives examples for partial interval, whole interval, momentary interval, and count per interval. Take it for a test drive and find ways to work it into your learner programs.  Learn more.

Pending Notes

Do you have old learners sitting in your account and you don't know what to do with them? When learners leave your organization or BCBAs are pulled in so many ways these days that we can’t always finish what we start in one sitting. Thank goodness Motivity has and easy way to find your pended session notes! Just select the Pending Notes tab in your organization’s dashboard to see what is missing and why. Learn more.

Mastery/Transition Across N People

Did you happen to see the criterion that allows you to dictate mastery only after the learner performs the skill across multiple people? Motivity customers who did have been mentioning it and are excited about the new layer this adds! Listed under the Mastery Criteria area in Transitions, it’s easy to update for programs already in action.

Setting up Maintenance Targets and Sets

Once your learner masters a skill, it’s mastered for life, right? Probably not, and that is where maintenance targets have a role. Along with the TrackAssess, and Train phases, Motivity also offers a Maintain phase. You can set the concurrency so that targets that are in the maintain phase do not fall out of that phase or transition on, unless perhaps, they need to go back into the Train phase.  Learn more.

Custom Learner Groups

Are you more productive when you are organized? You may find yourself wanting to group learners together – perhaps by site or location. Motivity can do that! Simply go to your organization and add a Learner Group.

Motivity & Thinkific Single Sign On

No one wants to sign in to multiple systems when a single sign-on will do the trick. If you haven’t explored Motivity’s excellent training courses in Thinkific, you’ll want to head over and see what they can teach you. But with our single sign-on, you no longer need to go to Thinkific directly. Simply sign to your Motivity account, click on the three horizontal lines in the left-hand corner, select Support & Training and then Video Courses, and voila, you’re there! Learn More